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Recording location
Why is my location not detected?You need to enable Location Services for this app in SettingsPrivacyLocation Services or SettingsLocation.Back to top
Why is my journey stopped when I remove the app from the background?When you remove an app from the background, you are essentially telling the system that you are not interested in this app anymore. The system forces the app to close, so the app is unable to track location.

Therefore, you must leave the app in the background in order to track your location.

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Why is my journey stopped? I didn't remove the app from the background.When memory is low, the system kills background apps so as to free up space for the foreground app and keep your device responsive and healthy.

We work very hard to reduce our memory usage on your device, but still, you can help minimize the chance of our app being killed by removing as many other background apps as possible.
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How to improve the accuracy of the location services?Try the following suggestions to improve the accuracy of the location services:
  • Choose a higher Desired Accuracy in OptionsLocation Services.
  • Turn on Cellular Data in SettingsCellularCellular Data. Accuracy could be improved even if you're not subscribed to a cellular data plan.
  • Make sure that the date, time, and time zone are set correctly in SettingsGeneralDate & Time. Enable Set Automatically if possible.
  • Enable Wi-Fi in SettingsWi-Fi. Accuracy could be improved without actually connecting to any Wi-Fi network.
  • Restart your device.
  • Try staying in open areas as much as possible, so that the device can maintain an unobstructed line of sight to the navigation satellites. If you are near tall buildings or underground, accuracy could be affected.

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What is Deferred Delivery of Location Updates?Deferred Location Updates is a new feature in iOS 6 and later, which saves new location data in the GPS hardware and delivers them to the app in batches, thus giving the app more time to sleep, thereby saving power.

This feature requires:
  • iOS 6 or above.
  • iPhone 5 hardware or above.
  • Any of the two highest Desired Accuracies in OptionsLocation Services.
  • The shortest Distance between Track Points in OptionsLocation Services.

According to Apple, this can reduce as much as 40% of the power consumption. It is therefore highly recommended to enable this option if available.
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Why is the Low Battery Reminder not working?First, you need to enable the Low Battery Reminder in OptionsLocation Services.

Second, you need to turn notifications on for this app in SettingsNotifications.
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Using the map
How do I adjust the map using gestures?Since we are using Google Maps as our mapping engine, you can use the exact same gestures as that you can use in the Google Maps app.
  • To pan the map, drag the map with one finger.
  • To rotate the map, drag the map with two fingers in a circular motion.
  • To zoom into the map, pinch open with two fingers.
  • To zoom out of the map, pinch close with two fingers.
  • To tilt the map, drag the map upwards or downwards with two fingers.

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Exporting journeys
What is the KML format?KML, or Keyhole Markup Language, is a file format used for storing geographic information. It was developed by Keyhole, Inc., which was acquired by Google.

KML is supported by many popular software products, such as Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Drive, and Bing Maps.

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What is the GPX format?GPX, or GPS Exchange Format, is a file format used for storing data recorded from a GPS device.

GPX is supported by many popular software products, such as Google Earth, Google Maps, and Bing Maps.

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What is the JAS Journey format?JAS Journey is a format that we created. Journeys in this format can be imported back into the app.

For example, in the Mail app, if you have an email with a JAS Journey file attached to it, you can tap on the attachment, and then choose to open it in this app. The journey would then be imported and created.
Screenshot for importing journeys from other apps

Similarly, you can import journeys from other supported apps, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and WinZip.

We also support importing multiple journeys from Google Drive at a time, with the user interface right inside the app.
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Is an internet connection required for this app?This app does not require an internet connection to record your location. However, some functionalities wouldn't quite work without the internet, such as the Google Maps, or the ability to upload your journey to Google Drive.

Note that you may be charged by your mobile network service provider for the data transfer services, which can become very expensive on roaming. You can turn off roaming in SettingsCellular → Cellular Data OptionsData Roaming.
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How to save battery usage?Try the following tips to reduce power consumption on the device:
  • Stop location updates as soon as you are done with it.
  • Disable location services for other apps. The settings can be found in SettingsPrivacyLocation Services.
  • Disable push notification for other apps. The settings can be found in SettingsNotifications.
  • Dim the screen, or turn on Auto-Brightness which allows the screen to adjust according to lighting conditions of the environment. You can do this in SettingsDisplay & Brightness.
  • Fetch emails and related data less frequently. To do so, go to SettingsMail, Contacts, CalendarsMailAccountsAccounts & PasswordsFetch New Data, turn off Push, and change the interval for Fetch to Manually.
  • Remove other apps from the background.
  • Disable background app refresh for other apps in SettingsGeneralBackground App Refresh.
  • Lock the device when you don't use it, and set a shorter period of inactivity before Auto-Lock in SettingsGeneralDisplay & BrightnessAuto-Lock.
  • Go to OptionsLocation Services, then
    • Choose a lower Desired Accuracy
    • Choose a longer Distance between Track Points
    • Set Defer Delivery of Location Updates to Enabled.
  • Turn off Stocks updates. To do so, open the Notification Center by swiping down from the top of the screen, then go to Today, tap Edit, then remove Stocks.
  • Turn bluetooth off. You can do so in SettingsBluetooth.
  • Use a static wallpaper instead of a dynamic one. Change your wallpaper in SettingsWallpaperChoose a New Wallpaper.
  • Turn auto updates off. This setting is in SettingsApp and iTunes StoreiTunes & App Store, under the section Automatic Downloads.

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How to backup my journeys?Whether you like it or not, things can go wrong - hard disks corrupt, phones get dropped into water, data accidentally get deleted - the list goes on forever. It is wise to keep a backup of your important data.

There are two ways to backup your journeys:
  • The recommended way is to export your journeys using the JAS Journey format. They can be easily imported back into the app anytime you like.
  • Another way is to backup your device with iCloud or iTunes following the instructions provided by Apple. This will backup the in-app settings as well.
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